Season Specials

India is a land of very diverse religions, cultures, languages and lifestyles . This has given birth to several unique festivals and events . We find these spectacles of of the diverse Indian culture from across states, sometimes even within small regions in a state. We design the best possible trips around them that all you wonderful folks can be a part of !

Each of the specials is one of its kind and a once in a year event as they are dependent on the festival seasons. Few of the best spectacles to look out for include Bhoota Kola ( devil's dance ) in Mangalore, Theyam in parts of Kerala, Rann Utsav in Kuch , Ziro music festival in Meghalaya to name a few.

We are now in the process of curating trips to include all of these special experience oriented trips to give a memory unlike any other!

Along with these we also host specials for New year and Christmas . Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram spaces for more details.

Feel free to get n touch with us for more details.

Here are few pictures from our experiences while finding these spectacles for you.

A view from Thrill Islands Kasargod , Kerala. This is the private backwater island we manage in Kerala.
A shot from the captivating theyam performance .
The ritualistic sacrificial alter set up during a Theyam performane in Karsagod, Kerala
The little known Anantpuram Temple near kasargod is famous for the lone Corcodile who lives in the lake.
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Best Seasons:All year , Festival seasons spread through the year
Popular Location:Pan India

Season Specials

Explore and experience various festivals and cultures