5 ways You didnt know travel helps !

5 ways travelling helps you keep away from Depression.

If you are looking for a  reason to travel aside from the obvious one of travel being fun, here are 5 reasons that studies give to step out of the comfort zone and find new ways to elevate your mood :-

  1. Sun

    It sure does keep you warm and provide Vitamin D. What most people are not aware of is that, it pushes the brain Serotonin, an essential hormone for neural  functions. When depressed people are known to have low levels of this hormone. Now we know, why a day out leaves you feeling a lot better and make you look forward to go out again.

  2. People

    When you meet new people, you get to create a new impression of yourself. Travelling opens doors for you to interact closely with people from different walks of life. People everywhere are the same, they have their experiences and stories too. An awful lot of times one can find inspiration in these interactions. You may not necessarily overcome your challenges but you will definitely walk away with a new perspectives.

  3. Food

    Good food makes everyone happy! what travelling offers is a wide variety of cuisines, fruits and vegetables from a whole new place. So go out grab something to new to eat every city ,town or village you happen to be at  . If you get some chocolate or wild strawberries along the way , you have found happiness, right?. It is an excellent way to keep your tummy contented and your mind entertained, which will be reflected in your mood.

  4. Earthing

    We are not talking about earthing an electrical appliance no , to walk barefoot on wet grass, mud or sand, it is called Earthing.the terms comes from the fascinating concept of barefoot healing. Now we see why beaches and hilly areas bring a wide smile on our face! Walking barefoot rejuvenates our sense and connects us to the earth’s natural energy. This is known to heal a variety of physical and mental health issues.

  5. Take time out for yourself

    In the an effort to keep up with pace of a city life, you are continuously  trying to keep up with work, family, friends,even enough sleep. It is vital to pamper and be aware of yourself.  One needs to break away from the routine to reflect and recharge. Travel involves new learning each day in a self reflective manner. Spending time away from city during the weekends lets you de-stress and find a connection to the nature around you. Activities like trekking reset your sleeps cycles, put your mind at ease and heal your body . It also helps one sleep better and increase productive on returning to your daily routine.

Travelling has a lot to offer, for one’s willing to explore. This is mere information put together from scholary articles, books and a pinch of personal experience. Moreover, the excitement is real and you have got to experience it. Go on a short trips frequently if you cant afford the time for long ones. Find a destination on the map and get started.

About the Author:

Apoorva Amaresh is currently a student at Christ University. She is an Avid trekker and traveler.